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Her Story

Bridget Leslie

Owner – My Left Breast & Bridget’s Lingerie

Bridget's Story

At the age of 46 I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  Luckily for me a new drug has just been approved in Ontario which targeted my HER2 positive diagnosis. Herceptin saved my life. With the support of my close friends and loving family I survived surgery, 8 rounds of chemo, 16 Hercepton, and 25 radiation treatments. With my treatment behind me it was time to find a new path in life.

A good friend had taken me for a mastectomy fitting during my treatment. I walked out of the fitting with my friend and she said to me “you could do that and you could do a great job”.  It was at the moment My Left Breast was born. I knew I wanted to open a shop to help women going through treatment. Providing everything they needed in one place. The place women landed needed to be comforting, staffed with compassionate people who had traveled a similar road. A place stocked with lots of selection and bright and cheerful.

I opened My Left Breast in 2008 and have never looked back. My Left Breast was located in the Peterborough Clinic in a small cozy space for four years. We quickly outgrew the space and moved downtown to Charlotte Mews and have expanded into the next unit four years ago.  We have a loving staff who care for our women coming through the door with great compassion.

My Breast Cancer Diagnosis provided me with a business which I thrive in.

I am also a member of Survivors Abreast Dragon Boat Team a group of Breast Cancer Survivors who dragon boat to stay fit, to remind people there is life beyond breast cancer and who are dedicated to supporting the Peterborough Dragon Boat Festival. The Peterborough Dragon Boat Festival raises money for the Breast Assessment Centre at Peterborough Regional Health Centre. My life is very different since my breast cancer diagnosis. Very full and filled with brave people who have faced a life threatening disease.   My biggest hope is that I am a role model for my two beautiful daughters on how to face life’s adversities with strength and creativity.