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Her Story

Brianna Gosselin

Director – Founder - The STUDIO, Intuitive Artist and Instructor

Brianna's Story

“Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.”

– Thomas Merton

Art has always been my haven. The place where no matter where I am in life. or what I’m going through, offers peace.

I am an Intuitive Artist currently residing in Peterborough, Ontario with my English cocker spaniel named Honey. She is the best studio mate one could ask for and loves greeting visitors!

A graduate of PCVS – celebrated for its art programs – is where my foundation for the art world began to take form.

I was exposed to so many wonderful opportunities and was continuously being inspired.

I am extremely thankful the arts became a part of my life when they did as a teen, for I suffered from heavy depression and mental health issues.

This creative outlet offered a release and a sanctuary to freely express myself.

Its amazing, for art truly does enable us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.

After high school I went through school to be a hair stylist and worked in the industry for a few years. But within time, the call of the art world grew increasingly strong, in addition to my depression.

I quit the security of my full time job and dived back into the arts.

I was awarded a scholarship with The Art School of Peterborough, where I did an apprenticeship under Anne-Marie Kornachuk.  Which changed my life for the better.

I began to learn the business side of art while developing my technique.

I was with The Art School of Peterborough for 10 years, where I; volunteered, was offered a youth instructors job which led to me creating and developing new programming, held the role of office manager, was chair of the marketing committee, served on the board of directors and more.

It was a decade of growth and a great deal of learning. But I felt the pull of the next stage of my life calling me.

I finished my term with the school and decided to break out on my own.

I opened my once private studio to the public and invited people into my creative world.

Watching people explore and trust themselves to create, is a beautiful thing. They transform a once blank canvas to one full of colour, unique elements, emotion and full of life.

Along with their painting, they transform themselves.

Within a year of this new adventure beginning, the STUDIO has taken on a life of its own. I now have other instructors teaching out of the space, offering workshops, courses, retreats, pizza and art nights and new this Summer: adult day camps.

The arts have saved me countless of times, they remind one they are not alone and offer an outlet. I wish to pass this outlet on to as many people as possible.

The STUDIO is a sanctuary, dedicated to nurturing the creative soul. A place when you can feel comfortable and unleash your creative side!