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Intuitive • Compassion • Authentic

Her Story

Bonnie Bushey-Ballantine

Social Worker - Educator - Volunteer

Bonnie's story :

The Women in my life have been uplifting and helpful throughout my life to guide me with growth of moving forward and becoming a better person.  I’m forever grateful.
I live my life according to a fortune cookie quote that I received from my optimistic Aunt. It goes like this, “Live a life that will give you great stories to tell”.  My other favorite quote is by Katharine Hepburn, “As one goes through life one learns that if you don’t paddle your own canoe, you don’t move”  These two quotes are important to me as they represent my Aunt and Mother.  They gave such wise advise growing up and it’s funny how as a young girl these teachings don’t really sink in until your a Mother yourself. With that being said I find myself here because of our daughter who is beautiful inside and out.  Adding that I’m honoring my Mother as she would have been cheering me on.
I feel being blessed can mean many things depending on who you are, how your raised, what your going to do with your time and being that’s what we all have together, is time.
One time, I was on a stage with a few Women and Kevin Costner.  Another time I was pushing a rotating door with Bryan Adams to exit together, then the photo of course, as I wasn’t having it any other way. Wink wink.
You remember that first quote “Live a life……that’s what I’m doing and let me tell you the story of being an extra in the movies, a Volunteer at the Theater Guild running props for a female Director or a crowd control Volunteer at Toronto Film Festival. I can only share a few stories today.
Honestly, to live a life of dreams and having fun has worked out pretty well for me. My 30 plus years in Social Work, Education, ASL Sign Language, Volunteerism, fundraising, Board of Director seats, and ongoing assistant to Women and Men on a personal level and within our Community has led me to not forget where I came from. Being that Optimistic Aunt and Independent Mother.
I hope that through my Social Work, Educational, Volunteer jobs and just by being myself, that I have inspired people.