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Creative • Committed • Nurturing

Her Story

Bea Quarrie

Vice President - Company Development - Peterborough Theatre Guild, Director, Actor, Designer, Producer

Bea's Story :

My first role in theatre happened in a community theatre in Guelph in a production of a play called The Visit. I was 12. I spoke only Hungarian.

With coaching and a lot of practice, I managed to learn my lines phonetically and actually won an acting award. People in that group embraced, challenged, and encouraged me, all in a collective effort to create an enjoyable experience for the audience. This meant embracing rigorous discipline, for without that there could be no theatrical coming together of actors, designers, sound and light people, set constructors, props and costume people. And that discipline helped me learn my lines, my exits and entrances in appropriate costume, with designated props. Discipline set us free to explore possibilities together under the guiding hand of a capable and generous director. I loved the experience and wanted more of the same.

That experience led to a lifetime of chasing this ephemeral art form, from studies at university and overseas, to directing plays in professional, amateur and educational theatre. Eventually, some of those productions represented Canada in international festivals in Japan, Germany, and Venezuela. I have met inspirational artists in all aspects of theatre, have adjudicated all over Ontario,  designed, directed and performed in many productions, mostly in the Peterborough area. Teaching drama has been an additional adventure that has taken me to China and most recently to Borneo. The sum of experience in the course of long years of work is what I seek to share with anyone who is interested and curious about these two disciplines.

When I first attended university in the late 60’s, the curriculum contained not a single Canadian play. Since then, Canada has found its voice and has attained a respected place in world theatre. It has been a fabulous journey of discovery to find my voice and my place in this, my adoptive homeland.

I love the fact that theatre brings together my two most cherished disciplines of theatre and visual art. I love that I can work with people creating collectively, choosing challenging dramatic pieces that inform us about our world. I love that I can also recharge my creative batteries by working alone in my studio  painting, sculpting- making beautiful things.