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Creative • Focused • Thoughtful

Her Story

Barbara Ryder

Artist - Owner - Ryder's A Good Sign

Barbara's Story :

” I stand with charcoal in hand and move my arm in sweeping motions across the page.   This is how my brush stroke begins;  practiced and honed through the years.  Poetry comes in gushes;  just before dawn.  I feverishly jot it down with pen and paper that I have placed by my bed and edit later. ”

I learned and polished my craft when lettering was an art.  I spent many year teaching with the ‘Signgraphics’ team at George Brown College in Toronto; commuting back and froth from Millbrook.   When budget cuts ended the George Brown position, I took a manager position at Carver Creek design in Bobcaygeon.
My  love of sign craft has remained constant through the years evolving from charcoal sketches and brush lettering, to computer layouts and vinyl.

I purchased a beautiful century home I found close to city hall in Peterborough.    My girls would have loved living here;  rather than in Millbrook.  When they visit we enjoy the scenic walk over the bridge to Nichols oval where it is so serene and beautiful.

“Life doesn’t get much better than this”