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Strength • Beauty • Grace

Her Story

Anne Driscoll

Fundraising & Community Outreach Coordinator MS Society, Peterborough Chapter

Anne's Story :

Three words my husband inscribed on a keepsake gift, after watching me at my father’s funeral.
Three words I have embraced throughout our lives together; over 41 years and counting.

It has not always been an easy road; while our lives included cherished ups, we weathered many devasting downs.

I remember the day we made the difficult decision to uproot our young family to leave a place we loved, heading into the future surrounded with uncertainty and tears, asking “Why did this
happen?”, then finding a new home with the Grace of God.

Depression, a health crisis, trauma and the struggles our children have faced have been things we not only survived but have drawn on to become even stronger. Although I would have liked to have been able to take the pain away, I am proud of my family for being able to learn and heal together.  We continue to thrive and live with positivity and hope.

While I draw on my amazing network of friends and family.  I continue to help others.  I was born with an open heart and boundless supply of compassion.  Even as a child I helped the new kid in class, seniors in my life and people with disabilities. This empathy and deep caring makes my career in the social service field not surprising at all.

I have been on a learning journey, one I would have never predicted.  As I have picked myself up and dusted myself off, I have come to believe that we all have an internal strength and capacity to inspire, support, guide and truly care for others; we just need to reach out.

I am not done yet!