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Passionate • Inspirational • Visionary

Her Story

Angela Jones

Lakeshore Designs -Owner, Principal Designer, ISP, Master NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line “Therapy Practitioner

Angela's Story :

A key part of who I am, and the driving force behind my desire to succeed in life was instilled in me growing up as a competitive figure skater. The simple lessons learned in the sport came from practicing hours upon hours of skills. The focus was on the precise details of the skills, physical presentation, all to be evaluated by judges to receive that “pass” or “fail”. They’d give their feedback on what required improvement and sometimes allowed me to have a “do-over”, a second chance. Everything back then was a reflection of how hard you worked and practiced your craft, this was the driving force behind my desire to excel. These skills became my building blocks that have shaped me as a person; knowing that with hard work, perseverance and focus on your goals, anything is possible.

I have carried these skills with me throughout my life and have applied these in my current field and career. I have always pushed myself to continue learning and further educate myself, becoming the best version of me that I can be. Life to me, is about growing, improving and evolving. To set my inner compass and make a difference. The biggest lesson figure skating has taught me was that it did not matter how many times I fell or how hard. I just had to find that inner strength and get up and keep going, while keeping my head held high. To never look back and keep my goal in mind. It has always been important to set weekly, seasonal, yearly and long term goals. I still apply this in everything I do today, sometimes things go as planned and often they don’t. I visit those challenges the same way my GPS does; “recalculating” – “recalculating”. I have learned that some of the best things happen without a plan. It has always been my mindset to make the best out of every situation, learning to be flexible and when required; to recalculate. It is these words that were drilled in to me early on by my coach.

Life will always continue to throw us unexpected, challenging and uncomfortable situations. Having had my fair share of them, it is how I have dealt with these that has shown me my biggest personal growth. I continue to keep my head up, find that inner strength, and if needed, to alter my route. Make the adjustments necessary as I go along and improve, evolve and always strive for excellence. Letting go of the past, learn from the lessons and do better!