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Funny • Determined • Loyal

Her Story

Allison Laming

Advisor - Cornish Laming Insurance and Financial Solutions

Allison's Story:

I am made up of pieces of all the people I love.  I think about how lucky I am to have this life with the people that I share it with.

I recently had the opportunity to meet an old friend for coffee.  It had been more than 4 years since we had seen each other, and we had a lot to catch up each other up on.   As we reminisced about the “remember when’s ” and helped each other with our foggy memories of the past, we laughed like no time had passed.  Going through my timeline after we went off on our own paths, it really shook me how much has happened.  I was so proud of so many things and I realized I don’t give myself or the people beside me nearly enough credit for what we have been through.

In the last decade I have moved to a new city that I love and have made it my home.  I graduated with a bachelors degree from Trent University, fell in love with all things food and drink, laughter-danced-ran, got engaged to a wonderful, kind, supportive and funny man, became a step-mother.  I now co-own a business.  I travelled to and around Scotland to see where my grandparents met and were married.  It is amazing.  As I say these things even I am surprised about how life just takes off, how it finds you and takes off.

I am fortunate that my fiancé is my partner in life and in business.  We are strong and that makes me so proud.  We trust to lean into one another and give each other confirmation and admiration.

I think I am quite funny- my audience sometimes disagrees.  My family and friends are always laughing and joking, and usually found belly-laughing to a poorly executed joke.  I am one of those people who laugh at my own jokes before I finish them.  My fiancé points out how often I unintentionally start to talk like Yoda.  Now I catch myself doing it all the time and it can’t be helped.  I told you, I’m just funny by nature.  When people tell me they always see me smiling or laughing, that makes me happiest.

In everything I do I hear my momma’s voice – breathe in,  breathe out –  and then I go and GET IT !