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Driven • Optimistic • Happy

Her Story

Alison Scholl

Manager, Community Relations & University Events - Trent University

Alison's Story :

I’ve decided to write a book. Its working title is “Alison’s Tips for Professionalism”. This book will be filled with stories and quick tips I’ve learned at work, through volunteering and going about my life. I’ll very likely need to write more than one volume. Why? The common thread running between these tips and stories will be that they’re all about times I’ve screwed up. One time I sent an email to the wrong Neil. One time, I forgot to add an accounting code to a supplier invoice so it didn’t get paid on time. One time, someone very senior at work startled me and I screamed in fright, very loudly… right in his actual face.
On occasion, I mention my book at work to new colleagues, or to our student employees. Sometimes I think “how will I write about this in Chapter 3: How to Do Computers Good?” Mistakes happen. I haven’t been fired (yet), the sun will rise again, we’ll move on. It might be bad, but it isn’t the end of the world. A solution will be found. Admit the mistake. Ask for help, ask for forgiveness, ask if they want their name changed in the publication version of the story.
Maybe we take ourselves too seriously. We should worry less, laugh more. Either way, let’s extend each other and ourselves some grace. We’re all trying our best.