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Nancy Loucks

Sergeant Nancy Loucks - Peterborough Police Services

Nancy's Story :

I cannot remember many things from my childhood, but I do remember at the age of 10 deciding that I was going to break the cycle of addiction and abuse that plagued my family.

Luckily, I was placed in a stable environment in my adolescence which gave me the courage to pursue an education and a new life from the one I had known.

It was while I was doing my undergrad at Trent University that I developed a passion for psychology and law which ultimately led me to the path of law enforcement.  I could identify strongly with victims and wanted a profession where if I could help one person, then my life would be fulfilled.

The fact that I was a woman in a male-dominated profession only pushed me harder to prove that I was worthy to carry the badge.

When I am asked if I like my job I tell people that I remind myself that when people call the police, they are not asking us to come and sit down for a coffee and a chat.  We are called because, for some people, it is the worst day of their life and they simply need help to get over whatever obstacle was placed in their path.

I strive to do everything in my power to provide hope for the hopeless, to support the distraught, to educate those that need answers, and treat every human being with the love and compassion they deserve.  It can be difficult to maintain positivity in such a negative environment, but self-care is the key to success.

For any young woman considering policing, it is not an easy profession and it is different everyday.  You will find you are always learning.  Keep your non-police friends in your life for they will provide you with a sense of normality and love in some of the darkest days.  Ensure that you have a self-care plan outside of work, whether it is the gym or a yoga class.  Physical fitness of the body is important but taking care of the fitness of your mind is essential.

Lastly, there is nothing you cannot do!

Being a woman in policing provides balance for the community and the police service.  While I have maintained a compassionate side to me, I also became a firearms and Use of Force Instructor, Crisis Negotiator, Detective, mental health trainer, domestic violence trainer, ethics trainer, and eventually a Sergeant who works alongside the men and women on the street.

Each success, failure, and experience has provided me with the strength to take on anything that life will throw at me and be successful.