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Reese Hennessey

Reese's Story :

I started by doing downhill races on small hills in Bethany as my first club was Devils Elbow. I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to fly down a mountain! When I was eight years old my parents and I went to British Columbia to ski at Big White Resort. I was in a ski group

that came all the way from Australia and I met one of my best friends on that trip!

I went there for  four years along with attending Summer Ski camps in Oregon, USA. Each time it is a new experience

When I was 10 my family became members of Georgian Peaks Ski Club in Thornbury, Ontario and I love every minute of it!

People always tell me how lucky I am or that I’ve travel more in the past year than they will have

in a lifetime.  I know I get all these amazing opportunities because of my hard working and

amazing parents that make this possible.

This summer I was super fortunate to be able to travel to Switzerland with my ski team. It  was an amazing experience. Since I went without my parents I was able to mature and be

responsible for things so early on!

I will continue to ski and race because it makes me feel like I’m flying and when the wind is

in my hair makes me feel like I’m the fastest thing in the world, like no one can stop me! I love

what I do because of how it makes me feel and all the friends I’ve made!

I will continue to push myself as hard as possible to continue living an amazing life!