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Payge Creasy

Payge's Story :

When I think what inspires me really it is just being together with my friends and family and being happy!

That is why I do the things I do like I gave my ideas for starting a student council at my school because I want us to come together more and help different charities out and have fun together and enjoy our friendships.

Even when it comes to my gymnastics, I go to Kawartha Gymnastics Club and I love how it feels like my family when I go in there, we support each other and want each other to reach all of the goals that we write out. Last year I had a big injury and it took me out for 6 months and if I stayed home and never went to hang out at practice I would feel I am not supporting my family so I went to many practices and cheered on my teammates and helped give corrections if I saw something they needed to do a little tighter. I received the Sportsmanship award last year for this but really it is what gymnastics has taught me and that is why I still went to practice’s and I even went to there first competition even though I could not compete at that one I wanted to be there for them.

I love meeting new people but I really love meeting Amanda she has been someone I can look up to with helping me faces my fears. Even though we have not known each other for very long she is like family to me and I love how she is always smiling because I love to smile and faces new challenges.

But my Mom has been my biggest inspiration! My mom has always gave me on going support with everything i have done my whole life,my mother is the best mom i could ever have i would not trade her in for the world! My mom has been the biggest inspiration i have because with everything she does is just amazing she can always face really big challenges that come her way and that’s what i love to do and i would always try to face the biggest challenge that comes my way! that’s why my mom is the biggest inspiration! When had the idea to start my business those are the reasons why I went to my Mom. My business is very important to me and I love to talk about why I started my business with people just so they can learn why natural products are so good for you and your skin.

When my Mom told me I was nominated I was completely speechless! This is such an honour and I am so excited for this