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Maya Powell

Maya's Story :

Hi my name is Maya Powell.

I am in grade 11 and currently taking the YLS (Youth Leadership and Sustainability).  My dream at the moment is to have the world reduce the consumption of one use plastics. I have started the process by encouraging my family and friends to think about plastic usage in the foods they buy. For example; instead of buying peaches at grocery store in an enclosed plastic container, buy the peaches at the market where they will dump the peaches into a reusable bag.

One day I would love to buy a farm where I can have a huge garden full of fruits and vegetables and chickens. I want to learning how to using the canning process to store some of the produce for the winter. This would be more sustainable for the environment.

When I am older I would like to give children who are need of a home a home by becoming a foster parent. I know this will not be easy, but they deserve a chance.