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Kiana Bromley

Kiana's Story :

My name is Kiana Bromley.

I am 13 years old and in Grade 9 at TAS P.S. for the Integrated Arts program for drama.

My family was living in Peterborough when I was born. I surprised them by being born 9 weeks early. I weighed just 2.7 pounds and could fit in my Uncle’s hand!

Having been raised in Peterborough by a family that is very local focused I have grown to love and appreciate my community and home. I have grown up going to so many community events that I have had many pictures of me taken for the local papers over the years!

I have met many amazing people in the local arts community that have influenced, and encouraged, my creativity and have allowed me to express myself in the arts, at a very early age. My interest in the arts started when I was really little. I would go walking downtown with my mom and find stages that were usually fairly large steps or small entrances. My mom and people passing by, would be my audience as I performed. When I was 7, my mom, and baby sister and I spent a summer training and performing in the Peterborough Dusk Dances (via Public Energy Local Theatre). It was a Community piece and I was picked to do a special duet with one of the dancers. After that experience, I really got into performing and I took dance, singing and guitar lessons.

Ever since I can remember, if I was having a tough day or needed time alone to think, I would start composing on paper, write a song and set it to music, usually on my piano.

In 2017 I was in my first school play. It was a very small part, but it was enough to start my passion for drama. Later that year I auditioned at 4th Line Theatre and got my very first part in a professional theatre play titled “The History of Drinking in Cavan”, and was one of only 3 kids. The summer after that, I auditioned again, and received a roll in 4th Line Theatre’s summer play called “Who Killed Snow White”.

Acting to me is a healthy and unique way of expressing myself. I’m not sure if I want to be a professional actor, or if it will turn into a lifelong interest or hobby, but what I do know is that I want to spread happiness around my community, and drama and self-expression is one of the ways I can achieve that