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Kennedy Steeves

Kennedy's Story:

My name is Kennedy Steeves and I am 13 years old.

In 2011 I went with my family to the fair in Madoc, where the local Girl Guides had a craft booth. I learned how to make a wind spinner there and later asked my parents to buy me supplies so I could make some for friends.  After I made a few, I had the idea of selling the ornaments for a good cause like Children’s Wish Foundation and pediatric cancer and I haven’t really stopped since.

For my first two years of making ornaments I split the money I raised between the Children’s Wish Foundation and pediatric cancer initiatives through the Canadian Cancer Society.  After that I decided to have all of the money go to the Canadian Cancer Society for pediatric cancer.

Each year I try to make new ornaments along with a few wind spinners, and my little sister helps too.  In total Wind Wishes has raised over $11,200 and we have sold over 2,780 ornaments – some have gone as far away as Ireland, England and Saudi Arabia.

I also shaved my head for Cops for Cancer in 2017.

I am passionate about what I do because I want to help other kids and maybe help find a cure one day.

I also enjoy school and playing the violin.

When I grow up I think I might be a lawyer so I can help people in a different way.