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Jordy Shaughnessy-Rowe

Jordy's Story :

The internet says, free spirits are inclined to explore life and taste new experiences that hold true to the deepest parts of themselves versus being influenced by what masses around them are doing. They are often people who think freely and have the courage to hear their own voice and follow their own integrity… I have had the pleasure of parenting this free spirit for the past 11 years and when I asked Jordyn what she wanted to talk about for the Inspiring Women’s next generation project she was nominated for she said “If you don’t try you will never succeed”. Anyone who knows Jordy knows she most definitely try’s without fear of failure because she know if you don’t try you will never succeed and even if you don’t succeed if you don’t try you will never learn.

Jordyn is a very strong minded athletic girl and she believes that female atheletes are the best. She says she hates that female athletes aren’t valued as much as male athletes. “When I step on any sports field boys automatically think they’re going to be better then me so it’s my job to prove them wrong and kick their butt.” She looks forward to the day when athletes are treated as athletes based on their skill and not their gender. She has dreams to one day play for team Canada’s women’s soccer team and her favourite female soccer players are team Canada’s Jordyn Heitzma and USA’s Alex Morgan.

Jordyn believes we need to stand up for each other and be brave enough to be ourselves because in the words of Jordyn “normal is boring”. She is proud to have a grandma (Peggy Shaughnessy) who helps so many in our community/country. She loves helping people just like her grandma.