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Janey King

Janey's Story :

I am Janey.  I am a singer, an actress, a helper, a big sister, a leader.

I have been singing since I can remember. I love music, I love the passion and joy that singing brings to my heart.

I have a gift. I am able to open my mouth and make jaws drop. I am a 10 year old “little” girl, who has the voice of a jazz singer, an opera singer; whatever kind of singer I choose to be.

I recently discovered that I can be an actress too. I love the stage, and the thrill of loosing myself in a character and bringing their story to life. I love to stand on the stage, and stare out into the audience, and let my voice take over.

I am very lucky to have strong women in my life. I have an amazing grandmother, who inspires me daily. I have a mother who does the same.  My music teachers  have  help me unleash my true colours, and I love my time with them each week.   I love to make the notes on the page translate to a song. I love the challenge of singing in different languages, and I love to be able to hold a clarinet in my hands and make it sing.

I love to help people, and come from a long line of “helpers”. I will always fight for the underdog. I am righteous.

I have my flaws, but I am me. I am strong, beautiful,   and I’m Janey.