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Isla Girard

Isla's Story :

Isla Girard

6 years old, Peterborough

On the day of her 6th birthday, Isla asked her family and a couple of close friends to go with her to City Hall so they could protest the whale hunt. While we were happy to support her, we explained where the whales live and wondered whether her protest would be impactful. She responded with “but if someone sees me holding up a sign, maybe they will hold up a sign too and then a lot of people will hold up signs and maybe the hunt will stop”.

Her activism continued through the spring with picking up garbage as often as she could by remembering locations from her bus ride home and where we would need to go to pick up garbage in the evenings. She also led her kindergarten class through a process to memorize lines about the impact plastic has when it gets into the waterways. She and her classmates then travelled class to class to share this with others in the school.

When we told Isla about this award and asked her why it was important, here’s what she said to us:

“I want to tell people about what is going on with all of the plastic going into the ocean. And how it is going to garbage island and endangering all of the ocean seas.”

Why is it important for people to know about this?

“So they can help to save it.”

What can little girls do or people around Peterborough do to help?

“Pick up garbage that you see around you because when wind comes in and rain comes in, it will get blown away and end up in the ocean”.

What do you hope the award inspires people to do?

“Help. And clean the oceans and clean up garbage when you can.”