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Hannah Macausland

Hannah's Story :

In my life I have wanted to be a lot of things; when I was a little girl I wanted to be a Zamboni driver then I wanted to be a fire fighter, a vet, a doctor, a teacher basically I was doing what I think every little kid did which is change their minds every week when it came to what they wanted to do when they grew up.

But one thing I knew I was going to do was change the world and I always told my parents that when I was younger… then a couple years past and I’m sitting in my homeroom of grade 9 which was science and my teacher brings up a science project that we have to do and I mean no one likes working alone because that’s a lot of work so I was searching for a partner in the room and I’m watching this one girl deny one of her friends then she walks over to another girl then gets denied so I yelled out “ I’ll be your partner ” from the back of the room like a crazy person and Hana felt bad for me so she said “ well are you good at science ?” and obviously I said “yes!” I needed a partner, so I took the “well are you good at science?” as a yes.

From that day Hana and I grew as one and are now best friends and are known around that school as the Ha(n)na(h)s.

After all the hard work that we put into our project the first year we were off to our regional science fair and there we placed third in our division which could have been it but it wasn’t Hana and I were dedicated to this project and we had a lot of fun making our plastic and figuring out all the science behind it so we went to our amazing teacher Ms. Falla and we told her we wanted to do it again this year.

She said knock your socks off with it, so we thought we would reach out to someone who knew more about it than we did so we contacted queens university and they said that we could partner with them and work with them on our plastics in there labs and I thought that was the coolest thing that we would be doing with our project but that was just the beginning with everything.

We placed second overall at our regional science fair in 2019 and then moved onto Canada wide and placed third in our division there and now we are off to Abu Dhabi to compete at the international fair.

It is amazing because I believe that I am changing the world like I told my parents I would and in so very happy that I have my grade 9 science teacher Anne Falla whom is now our mentor and my best friend Hana Haytaoglu for helping me be who I wanted to become when I was a little girl a person who helped make this world a better place and change the world.