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Hannah Goode

Hannah's Story :

My name is Hannah Goode. I am 16 years-old.

I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a student, a fundraiser, and a teammate. I was born with Down syndrome. Having Down syndrome is sometimes hard. Sometimes I struggle with school work and I stutter when I talk, so people don’t always take the time to listen. I want everyone to know that people with Down syndrome can join in activities and be a good role model in our community.

I have a passion for karate. I spent a couple of years watching my brothers do karate and decided I wanted to give it a try; that was four years ago. Being at the gym is one of my favourite places. I have met so many accepting people there and everyone is very patient and encouraging. Karate has helped me to be strong, get focused, set goals and work towards them. I just graded for my purple belt, which is a great accomplishment. I plan to keep training and hope to one day earn my Black Belt.

I have been involved with Special Olympics for about six years. It has helped me gain confidence and keep fit. I have also met some g friends and coaches. It has given me the opportunity to travel to different cities and represent Peterborough and my School. In the future, I hope to represent Ontario and maybe even Canada and travel the world!