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Hanna Purdy

Hanna's Story :

My name is Hanna Purdy and I am 18 years old. I will be 19 on December 31st and would like to go for a spa day with a friend or my Aunt Jeanette and then have a dance party with my Mom and her friends.

Some of my favourite things to do are listen to music, dance, jump on my trampoline, ride horses, play hockey, kickboxing in the pool and spending time with family and friends.

Something I’m really proud of is my family. I have two homes and love all my parents and grandparents. My Aunt Jeanette and cousin Griffen are awesome. I have a brother and a lot of step sisters that I love. My family loves and supports me and they make me happy.

There is a horse farm in Lindsay called Field of Dreams and they have a program for people with special needs called THRIL. I just started to go there and I ride a horse named Freya. I love it and love Freya! I am going to be part of a musical ride on September 15th for a volunteer bbq and I am very excited.

I would make the world a better place by promoting respect. Everyone needs to respect everyone else and be positive.

My Mom helped me write this bio because my spelling isn’t always the best but I do think that I read and spell pretty good! I am happy to be nominated for Day of the Girl Celebration with my two new friends, Kay and Dee!