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Gwen Godwin

Gwen's Story :

1.  What is your name ?
Gwen Godwin
2. What is your favourite colour ?
Pink and purple. 
3.  What is your favourite animal ?
Unicorns and kitties. 
4.  What school do you go to and what is your favourite subject ?
Trent Childcare in Bridgenorth. I like to learn about pizza. 
5.  What is something that you have done that you are really proud of ?
I’m a really good big sister. 
6.  What job would you like to do when you are done school ? 
Mommy and baby doctor. 
7.  What is one thing that you would do to make the world a better place?
Bake cupcakes!
Gwen’s Mom added a few extra details :
Gwen is a lover of all things outdoors: camping, hiking, bonfires, splashing in puddles. Her true self comes out when she is in this element. 
She is a problem-solver. When hiking, if there is an obstacle in her way, she takes in her surroundings and finds a way past it with ease. 
She is a planner. She takes time choosing the perfect marshmallow stick or walking stick. If it is raining, she will be sure to pick out her rubber boots in case she finds a puddle to jump in on her travels. 
She is a nurturer. She helps dress her baby brother for the elements. She will always make sure his hat isn’t in his eyes so, he too, can enjoy his surroundings. 
She is fun-loving. Often times, while hiking or walking the dog, she will invent a game for us to play as a family. There’s a lot of “last one to that tree is a rotten egg!”, and many variations of freeze tag. 
She is creative. She will often come inside with a pocket or bucket full of treasures (leaves, sticks, acorns) and will immediately get to work on making a craft out of her findings. 
Her love for the outdoors extends to a love of animals. She has grown up around senior dogs and this has nurtured her compassionate nature, her patience and her respect towards animals. 
In an effort to support her growth and foster her natural talents and interests, before her fourth birthday, we worked with Gwen to pick her first philanthropic project. Together we chose to participate in National Cupcake Day to raise funds for our local Humane Society. Gwen raised $600 by baking cupcakes and distributing them to friends and family. 
Her current project is collecting old/used mascara wands that are destined for landfill. Gwen will clean and disinfect the wands, at which point they will be distributed to animal care facilities across Canada with the help of Project Wild Wands Canada. These wands can be used for, in her words, “getting bugs off of animals and cleaning their scratches”. 
This girl is destined for great things.