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Grace Davis

Grace's Story :

My name is Grace Madeleine Davis. I am 13 years old.

I live in Keene, Ontario.  I would like to thank my Great Aunt Cora for nominating me.

I am a quiet, shy girl who loves my big, bear of a dog, Milo.  I am most happy when I am with him.  He follows me around everywhere, and always sleeps right by my side at night.  I like to take him for walks with my family. I feel safe when my buddy Milo is around.

Another thing that makes me happy is Guiding.  I have been a part of guiding for almost six years. When I joined I liked doing the crafts, earning badges and playing games.  Our motto is “be prepared”.  I aspire to follow this motto my entire life. I like to be organized at home and at school. Everywhere I go I like to have everything I need.

Since becoming a Girl Guide I have been involved in many new experiences.

Camping has improved my confidence in staying away from home and allowed me to see many new places.  Volunteering in the community has helped me meet many people and become aware of all the amazing things Keene has to offer.  Collecting food for the food bank, participating in holiday parades and helping at church dinners have helped me to get out of my comfort zone and feel happy that I have helped out my wonderful community.

During guiding I have met many new friends.  We have all had the opportunity to share our talents and interests by each running our own meeting. It is fun to learn from my peers. Some of the things they have taught me are their cultures, their favourite sports, and even the coolest science experiences. All of the girls inspire me to do great things, and I couldn’t imagine my life without them!  Guiding has and will continue to help me grow