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Georgia Dueck

Georgia's Story :

Hi, my name is Georgia Dueck and I am 12 years old.

I have always loved helping out around my house and in the classroom. But one year it changed.

It was the Christmas of 2013 and that morning I had got a cat.

His name was Sumo.  I figured out that he came from the Peterborough Humane Society. I decided that for my next birthday instead of presents I would ask for donations to the Humane Society.

That year with 10 or more of my friends we raised over $200 dollars.  I also received many other donations for the animals such as blankets and boxes.

I have now been doing this for my birthday for 5 years and raised close to $1000.

This year we also decided to go to Lakefield and make blankets at Cuddles for Cancer. Faith is an amazing person and I wanted to thank her for having us in. We all had so much fun.

So, basically that’s how I started volunteering in my community.

It always feels great to do and I love helping others.