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Enrica Gelso

Enrica's Story :

Giving is the master key to success, in all applications of human life.” ~ Bryant McGill

My name is Enrica Geloso, I’m 17 years old and I am inspired to be the helping hand that others need.

One of my earliest memories of lending a hand was one long ago, while my family lived in Windsor Ontario. It was a day I was home with my mother in the kitchen baking. One of my sisters was upstairs in her crib taking a nap and when we started hearing crying I turned to my mother and said: “I can go get her”. I was no more than 5 at the time and I might not have been fully trusted to go get a fragile baby out of a crib that was much taller than I, yet my mother just smiled and let me go.

Throughout elementary school, I would help anybody when I got the chance. I loved seeing a child’s face light up with a smile whenever I would help them out. I spent countless summers at the Art School of Peterborough volunteering there up until recently.

In grade 7 I started working with my sisters to help raise money for Kenyan students the school was sponsoring. We used our love of art to create a campaign we called “Cutie for a Toonie” they were tiny pompom critters that the younger grades instantly loved. I spent the rest of that year joining the social justice club and helping out where ever I was sent.

The following year I was introduced to the WE Movement. October of 2015 I experienced my first WE Day. I will never forget the life, enthusiasm and excitement I felt from every single person in that stadium. It was a feeling and memory that I will never forget. From that day on I involved myself heart and soul with ME to WE. Together with my sisters, we are raising money to send two girls through high school.

As a young adult inspired to be a helping hand for those around me I continue my efforts to raise money toward sending two girls to high school by planning school events that will bring awareness to our cause. I also take time to gear my love of art and painting towards making as well as selling handmade cards.