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Aurelia Gelso

Aurelia's Story :


I am Aurelia, I’m 13 years old and I am inspired by the gift of giving.

My first gift of giving was in lieu of receiving birthday gifts on my seventh birthday, I asked all my friends to give a donation to the Peterborough Zoo.  My following birthday parties I did the same and donated to a variety of local charities and organizations such as the Art School of Peterborough, the Canoe Museum and We Charity.

In grade 3, while attending St Catherine Elementary School, my sisters and I handmade pompom critters and sold them to our schoolmates to raise money to sponsor an African child.  We called this campaign “Cutie for a Toonie”.

When I was in grade 7, together with a group of friends, we collected over 550 cans for “Boo to Hunger”.  These cans went to a food shelter to help those in need.  We spent many days after school going house to house around our neighborhood collecting cans.  We were received kindly and achieved a great goal.

I was 12 years old when I experienced a trip to Kenya with the Me to We Organization.  This trip was inspiring to see the people’s gratefulness, how they worked together and how the young girls my age were so dedicated to their education.  It made me see how much we take for granted and inspired me to make a difference.  Together with my sisters, we are raising money to send two girls through high school.

As a 13 year old inspired by the gift of giving I spent my summer volunteering at the Art School of Peterborough and the Humane Society. I continue my efforts to raise money to send two girls to high school by participating in school fundraising events and selling handmade cards.