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Allison Zommer

Allison's Story :

I was honoured by being nominated for this project.  At first, I was unsure why I was chosen.  I spent days thinking, trying to write a story about myself.  I struggled, writing many drafts, but then it hit me.

Why do I keep erasing paragraphs I have already written?  Lack of self confidence?  All I could think about was the other young women in the community who deserved the nomination and could do a much better job in writing their story.

I have to remind myself that the voices telling me I am not good enough are a reason to move forward.  Mental health has been a challenge for me within my teen years.  When I was 14 years old I told my mom something that would crush and ruin any mothers heart. I had finally unburdened my story.

I was repeatedly sexual assaulted as a young child.  This trauma has played a significant roll in my lack of self confidence and self esteem.  Being a teen already has so many pressures and emotions, and now questioning every move I make.   A year later my life had turned upside down.   While all of my friends were looking forward to March break, I was dreading it. March 8​th​ 2019, the first day I shared my testimony in front of a judge and a defense lawyer.

I had relived my most feared past memories.

I somehow found the strength to get through those two days.  Strength I never knew I had.  I never thought I would get past that part of my life.  Luckily I had friends and family supporting me, as well as, a great school/teachers, dance and soccer to keep myself motivated through tough times.  I am a huge believer that without having gone through such hard times back then, I would lack some very important traits that make me the hard working individual I am today.

I wake up everyday thankful for who I am, ever though some days I destroy myself over appearance or whether I am good enough, I am happy to learn how to expect my body and self.

Sharing my story was a huge step in the right direction for me, I hope my story inspires other individuals to believe they are good enough.

Believing in yourself is the first step in concurring life’s challenges.  Although at times life seems hard those bad times are only making us better people.