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Her Story

Sarah Strawbridge

Sarah's Story :

My name is Sarah Strawbridge and I am 12 years old.

When I was 11, I wrote a book called “My Deaf Life.” It’s about my surgery, where I got my first cochlear implant when I was 7. I got my second one when I was 9. I have them because I was born with a hearing loss. The hearing aids weren’t helping me to hear anymore, that’s why I got the cochlears.

I had a book launch at the Norwood library, and read to my school and school board. I have sold about 250 books across Canada, and also sold one in the UK, and another in the US. I am also on the Cochlear Canada Facebook page. (And Cochlear International)

I got a Yes I Can award from the Ontario Council for Exceptional Children for academics, which is where kids with disabilities and other stuff get an award for accomplishing something in school, like art, science, music, drama and academics, and also for adults who support kids, too.

I feel special and unique, and I know that everyone is different in their own way, which is why I love the meaning of unique. I love to sketch, read, listen to music, and mostly daydream, with lots of stories I want to put in future books.

Finally, I want to thank my mom, family, friends, and people who helped me down my road of life, and also thank you, for reading this bio. Now, I better find some more books to read…

Oh, and bye!