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Energetic • Empathetic • Hockey Lover

Her Story

Payton Prentice

Payton's Story :

I am 10 years old. I live in Omemee.

I love going to school, being a part of sports teams and Playing hockey.

I find it a little bit difficult to describe myself, so I will share what my teacher wrote on my report card. “Ambitions, energetic, respectful, kind and dependable are all words I would use to describe Payton. On a daily basis, she would come to school with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn. Payton’s actions often demonstrate genuine care and concerns for teachers and classmates. She regularly went out of her way to ensure that her peers feel included in the classroom and eagerly volunteered herself to help anyone who may require it. When faced with a question or challenge, Payton often does an excellent job at seeking teacher assistance or clarification to ensure she is on the right track” – Heather Bell, SYPS

Hockey is my passion.

Not only do I get to score goals, I help my teammates get goal scoring opportunities as well. I have played hockey since I was a Timbit at 3 years old. My family tells me that I was born with a hockey stick in my hands. There is something very special about being apart of a team. You have to earn your spot by working for it. Hockey has taught me more than just the game, but to commit, work hard, determination, how to take care of my body and to be humble. I read a quote that said “Hockey is where we live, life is just a place we live between games.” This quote kind of explains me, and what I did to get nominated for Inspire, a woman’s project.

My birthday is November 10 th .My birthday is during hockey season. A busy season, but the best season. I love playing for the Peterborough Ice Kats. I am on the ice a lot, especially on the weekends which made planning a birthday party every year a little bit difficult.

After hockey practice one day while mom was driving me home, she asked me what I wanted to do for my birthday. I haven’t always had a typical birthday party because I’m on the ice a lot. This year I wanted to plan a party, and I wanted to invite my school friends, hockey friends and family to my birthday party. When I told my mom my idea she said “Wow Payton how are we going to fit
all of these people in our home?” I had A HUGE idea. We could rent the Omemee ice pad, and then we would have room to accommodate everyone. BUT that is a lot of people on my guest
list and would be way to many Birthday presents. So I suggested doing a fundraiser!

I decided to raise money for the hospital that I was born in, Peterborough Regional Health Center. I was lucky to be born healthy, but I have some family and friends that were not lucky
like me, and had to spend some time in the NICU. I chose to raise money and give it all to the PRHC Mombassadors. There are raising money to buy 3 new warming beds for the NICU.

My invitations looked like the cover of the Hockey Times magazine.

Jane Lovett from the PRHC Foundation made me and online link for anyone in the whole wide world to donate to my fundraiser if they wanted to. I got my first donation from one of my
favorite hockey players of all time and his wife Eric and Mel Karlsson. I was shocked, my mom cried, that meant SO much, especially the amount of money that they donated to my
fundraiser. Erik Karlsson is MY FAVOURITE hockey player in the NHL.

I passed invitations out to my family, hockey team and all of the grade 5 students at my school. My principal posted one at the front door.

At my party we split the ice into 2 ice halves. The far side was for anyone wanting to play pond style hockey. The other half was for regular skating. After our ice time everyone joined us
upstairs for Birthday cake and to learn about how much money I fundraised that night at the arena, and what had been donated online by Friday evening, the day before my party. I am so
grateful that people donated to MY fundraiser. I was able to give the PRHC Mombassadors $1275.75 to go towards buying equipment that the littlest patients need. The PRHC Mombassadors and i presented a big check with my name on it and the number $1275.75 to the PRHC Foundation at the Peterborough Petes game.

I want to show everyone that every single kid can make a difference in our community. I’m only 10 and look what happened.

This experience has taught me that doing great things, brings you great things. Things like acknowledgement by your FAVOURITE hockey players, a fun interview with someone as fun as Michelle Ferrari, and an invite for me and a friend to attend the Peterborough Petes Holiday hockey camp. I didn’t expect any of this but it was absolutely amazing. I am very lucky!