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Her Story

Kaylah Wilson

Kaylah's Story :

Hi, my name is Kaylah Wilson, I am almost 14 years old and will be going into grade 9 in this fall.

Though no personal stories came to mind, I decided to write about a hobby that I am fairly passionate about.  I love to paint, draw, sew and use various amounts of other art mediums and methods in the most creative ways that I possibly can.  I usually have an array of differing supplies scattered around my room, and unfinished art pieces that I have either given up on or haven’t got to cleaning up yet.  More often then not I’ve gotten bored of the piece or have a new idea that I am excited and eager to see laid out apart from just envisioned in my mind so I gather my previous project and all the supplies needed for it so I won’t have to retrieve them again, then place them in the clearest or most convenient spot where it’ll probably be left for weeks, or even months at a time.  Seeing as my room is so small and this happens quite often, it gets pretty clutter fairly quickly.

Another reason this happens would be out of pure frustration and anger towards the piece for not looking/working out the way I wanted it to, or directed at myself for not doing it good enough, as well as how I think others will perceive the outcome exactly as I had expected them to.  So to prevent myself from destroying my project before I give it a chance, I cover it and ignore it until I can see the idea through and find the best ways to work around or solve. my mistakes, it could also turn out that I like my mistake after not focusing on it and seeing it play out with the rest of my set plans and ideas.  Overall, I love my talents, even though it can be challenging to overcome myself at times, I just have to remember that any issue I have can be solved as long as I give my best effort and use the proper methods to prevail past it.