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Julie Teixeira

Owner - Julie’s Custom Jewellery

Julie's Story :

My name is Julie Teixeira and I am 11 years old.

I have a business called Julie’s Custom Jewellery, where I make handmade jewellery. Two years ago, during summer break, my grandma showed me how to make jewellery and I really enjoyed
it. I decided to get my own supplies and start selling my creations. I go to craft shows before Christmas to sell my items and I enjoy seeing the other vendors.

I have two newspaper routes which I enjoy doing since it involves being outside. My clients appreciate my dedication, attention to detail, and reliability.

I have several hobbies that are all important to me in their own ways. I love long-distance running, which I discovered when I completed a triathlon and running was my favourite event.
I have a passion for soccer that started when I was 4 years old and I have been playing soccer ever since. I have been horseback riding for over 3 years; I have a love for horses and it is so
fun to canter over jumps!

Drawing is another long-term hobby of mine; I like drawing fashion and animals. I have loved reading pretty much ever since I learned how. I usually read fantasy novels and realistic fiction.
I enjoy spending time with small children and am looking forward to being able to babysit. Gardening is a more recent hobby; I grow vegetables in my backyard and I am a proud member
of the Peterborough Horticultural Society.

I am very passionate about the environment. I participate in my school’s marker recycling program and want to make a positive difference for our amazing planet.