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Determined • Caring • Understanding

Her Story

Jalen Brink

Jalen's Story :

Many people around me know I am a very creative person and that I love all things creative. I dance, I sing, I play the flute, I’ve acted in three plays so far and will be in another whom I will play July from “Annie.” But most importantly I love to write stories. Yes, I love writing my own books. I’ve only finished one book out of the hundred story ideas in my mind and that book is “Similar Differences.” Which is about two senior students in high school who seem very different but are actually similar in many ways, and after they meet slowly start to fall in love. I wrote this story about three years ago and I’m rewriting many parts to make it better after I reworked my writing techniques over the years.

Now to the real story, that was only an explanation.

So my mom is a teacher at my old school and has many books about Native and black people, and one day my librarian asked her if she had any comic books about black or Native kids. You see, most of our comic books have white main characters and my librarian didn’t want to put in kids’ heads that only white kids can go to school or do whatever. So she asked my mom if she had any comic books and she didn’t, but she knew she had me. At the time I was just getting into comic book making and was semi confident in it. That day she asked me if I wanted to make a book for the school library for my fellow peers to read, and I’ll admit, I was in shock. Though over time I took the offer and started writing. Sadly my comic book drawings weren’t what I wanted it to look like so now I’m just typing but that’s just as good enough for me. The book is called “Slice Of Life” and follows a group of six best friends and how they manage through their high school years. There is our main character Terren who is our Native boy, Shontelle who is the mixed and athletic friend, Jamie who is black and gay, Avery who I created to break the “dumb blond” stereotype, and now she is the smartest of the group. Cole, who is the musician playing almost every instrument, and Cambridge the shy and timid redhead who the group has nicknamed “Cabbage.” Because when they first met her in seventh grade lunch, she accidentally put cabbage instead of lettuce leaves in her salad. The book switches perspectives of each of the six and shows the readers the struggle and the fun of a high school student. At the moment I have written a few chapters in Terren’s perspective and many more chapters to go. For a good story, you have to take your time.