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Energetic • Athletic • Creative

Her Story

Isabelle Casselman

Isabelle's Story :

My name is Isabelle Casselman and I am a 6th grade student at James Strath Public School. I live with my Mom, Dad, brother and dog Tundra in Peterborough, Ontario. Before COVID-19 I
played sports at school, Ice Kats competitive hockey and I did rock climbing too. At school last year, I presented the idea to raise money for the Australian forest fires and we raised over $500
for Koala rehabilitation.

When COVID-19 hit Canada, everything shut down. School and hockey were cancelled and all the things I loved I couldn’t do. However, I now had time to pursue other interests and our puppy
Tundra gave me a lot of happiness. So, I tried something new and I began to sew. My first project was a bandana for my dog and after many hours of perfecting the bandana I finally had a product I was proud of!  This is when I decided to start my own business for pet bandanas. I created my own logo, ordered packaging supplies, and did research on marketing all by myself. I started slowly by selling to friends and family and my business grew with customer recommendations. I created my own online ETSY shop called “Eh Pet Wear” selling bandanas to dogs, cats, rabbits and any other custom orders. I truly love creating things.

From this experience I learned that even when things are hard you can find something you love to make things better. I also learned that you can do anything you set your mind to.