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Creative • Passionate • Empathetic

Her Story

Indigo Chesser

Student, Actress, Big SIster

Indigo's Story :

My name is Indigo Chesser and I am 9 years old and I live in Keene, a supportive community that I love. I will admit that I am more of a talker than a writer and that I have found talking about myself to be quite challenging. So here it goes:

Since I was little, I have always had the ability to notice what people are feeling and experiencing – it doesn’t matter what age they are, or how well I know them. I just feel how they are feeling. As I have grown up I have learned that the word to describe this is empathetic. I enjoy being able to help others by offering a hug, a smile or another way to make a person feel better. I get a great deal of joy making others smile and would not hesitate to be silly if it helped make someone laugh.

I do LOVE to perform and entertain. I am very involved In our local theatre scene and everyone who knows me knows that I love being on stage. I love to create stories, dances, plays and write songs.  I also love designing and inventing things out of recycled materials. I enjoy creating something out of nothing and I always hope that my creations bring joy and awareness to how important it is to care for Mother Earth.  

I have been told that I am a passionate person. I guess this means I feel deeply. I do try to fundraise for and create awareness about different causes in order to make a positive difference. Some of the  things I am passionate about are:

  • God’s Creatures!    Animals are very special to me, though I do still struggle to love bugs. 
  • Letting people know that I might learn in a way that is different than others but when people take the time to understand what helps me to learn, I too can enjoy learning new things.
  • caring for our planet, 
  • finding a cure for cancer, 
  • Learning more about how, as a settler, I can have a relationship based on love and respect with my indigenous brothers and sisters.
  • equal rights for ALL people and 
  • that love is love! 

I have great love for my family and I am fortunate to have a huge circle of family that surrounds me and supports me every single day. They mean everything to me.  I also have a number of important people in my life who were friends that have become my family. I am grateful to everyone who has helped me see how important it is to let my light shine!