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Her Story

Hailee Phillips

Curve Lake First Nation Girl's Drumming Group

Hailee's Story :

My name is Hailee Phillips, I am 13 years.  I love to dance! I hope to dance in a Broadway show one day!

I joined the drum group because I liked to be with my friends and to be involved in the community.  When I joined the group I was really shy and still can be but I have been trying to not be so shy anymore.

I like when all of us are together.  We meet every week and get to hang out with my friends and learn new songs and learn traditional teachings.

I love photography! I can spend hours walking around taking pictures of nature, I like to show the beauty in things people might not think are beautiful.

I think people need to respect each other more.  We need to treat people how we would like to be treated.  More kindness is needed.