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Her Story

Cas Nucaro Viteri

Cas' Story :

I was 15 when I realized I was autistic. At that point in my life, I was having a lot of trouble at school. I was very easily overwhelmed: every little sound made me feel like pulling out my hair, I couldn’t stop crying if I sat under a flickering light and when we would have fire drills, the bell would send me straight into a panic attack. I wasn’t sure what was going on. I felt so isolated from everyone because nobody really knew why I was doing these things. One day I stumbled upon the #ActuallyAutistic tag on Tumblr, an online autistic community filled with people who experience the same things as me. Something just seemed to click. 

I think no one realized for a long time because women often are better at masking, and I would say that is the same for me. I know how people want me to be, but I find that standard impossible and very tiring to continuously try to attain. Somehow I always fall flat… and that’s okay.

Since that time, things have changed a lot. I’m a lot happier and more comfortable with myself and my autistic traits. I’ve learned how to soothe myself when I start to get overwhelmed, I’ve learned to recognize what situations set me off and most importantly, I learned to be patient with myself. I’m autistic and that’s okay. 

I hope sharing my story will help other autistic people reach out. Our community accepts you, we’re here to listen and support you. Live boldly, live authentically and live autistically.