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Strong • Caring • Determined

Her Story

Anna & Sofia Entzin-Telford

Anna & Sofia's Story :

Our names are Anna & Sofia Entzin-Telford and we are 14 & 12 years old.

We are passionate about equality, protecting Earth and educating others. We express our concerns and take action by going to peaceful protests, spreading awareness, sharing our knowledge with others and trying to make decisions and take actions that embody our values. As Tseltal Mayan-Canadians, we are proud of our background and have always been interested in learning more about both sides of our heritage. We also enjoy learning about other people’s backgrounds, traditions, and lifestyle.

In Mexico, the Zapatistas talk about creating “A World in Which Many Worlds Fit”. A World that values diversity and creativity rather than sameness and so-called normality. Sometimes it seems as if our society teaches us that being different is not preferred and that we should all act, think, dress the same etc. The statement “A World in Which Many Worlds Fit” is the idea to have a world where it is okay to be different. The way we think of it is everyone’s lifestyle is their own little world and it’s like putting all those little worlds that people live in with different clothes, languages, religions and traditions into one big world — “A World in Which Many Worlds Fit”.

In this world you would be able to believe in whatever you like, express yourself and have your own thoughts, without judgement. In this world there would not be inequality, racism, sexism, homophobia, climate change, pollutions and many other things we wish to be non-existent. Sadly we do not live in this world yet but in the meantime we will continue spreading awareness, learning, sharing our knowledge and fighting for what we believe in!