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Driven • Resilient • Enthusiastic

Her Story

Vanessa Brooker

Program Coordinator for the Paramedic Program at Loyalist College, Belleville, Ontario

Vanessa's Story :

These are the words that friends and family chose to describe me with whe I asked them for help with writing this, however I think I would choose “Relatable”.

I’m the Mom of two boys.  I’m the mom working a full time job as the Program Coordinator for the Paramedic Program at Loyalist College.  I’m the mom with the full time job that also has a part time job as a paramedic in my community.  I’m the working mom that is still in University part time finishing my degree.   I’m the mom running the kids to ski racing or baseball on my days off.  I’m the busy mom with a sink full of dishes and piles of laundry.  I’m the mom the chooses hikes at Presqu’ile over chores and homework sometimes.  I’m the mom that deeply cherishes my girlfriends but doesn’t always have time to see them.  I’m the mom that is on her cell phone answering emails way more than she probably should.  I’m the mom eating in the car on the way to the next adventure.  I’m the mom that lets her kids sneak over to her bed almost every night because she knows they won’t be little for long.  And I’m the mom that posts cute family photos on Instagram knowing full well that it took 20 tries and bribing them with candy to get a good shot.  I’m the mom that other moms can relate to.  I feel like I was nominated as someone who inspires other women because I’m relatable and real.