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Independent • Passionate • Authentic

Her Story

Michelle Avery

Chiropractic Office Manager, Gestational Surrogate

Michelle's Story :

When I received the notice that I had been nominated as a ‘Woman of Inspiration’, I was quite taken back.

Seriously, me? Why?  I just do normal human things, don’t I?

Truly humbling.

I became a mother at the age of 17. I have had an amazing experience being a Mom. I now have 6 children, two of those are ‘blended’. Our family is not steps or halves, we are simply ‘family’.

In 2010, I decided to investigate how to be a gestational surrogate. I couldn’t imagine my life without my children. Getting pregnant was never a challenge for me. I had no idea just how painful the world of infertility was. I met the very first couple I worked with and their story broke me. I felt it in my soul. Fertility issues affect 1 in 6 Canadians-a staggering statistic. It’s something people just don’t talk about.

Now it was part of my life. I continued with my desire to help and have carried 4 babies to be delivered to their families. I am currently pregnant with the 5th that will be born in July. I have carried for gay men and traditional couples.

People ask all the time-‘How can you do it?  Grow a baby for someone else?’

It’s simple. Being part of something so amazing, to see the ultimate look of unconditional love and joy on someones face the moment their dream comes true-well there really are no words to articulate just how awesome that is.

Being a surrogate has changed me for the better. It has changed my children and my husband. They openly talk about fertility issues, the LGBT community and they are advocates for anyone they need to be. They are a big part of my surrogacy journeys. They have made some big sacrifices for me to do this.

I am a wife and a Mom. I am an office manager and a legal liaison for a surrogacy agency. I am a labour, birth, postpartum and fertility doula. I am doing everything I can to teach my children that the world can be full of kindness, joy and love.

We are raising the generation of world changers.