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High Fives • Rainbows • Pearl Jam

Her Story

Margie Bailey Phieffer

Production Manager - Miss Emily

Margie's Story :

High Fives – From 2004 to 2018, I was an Educational Assistant, specializing in autism. During this time I learned a great deal from these special humans. Here is what I learned:
1) To approach each day with a giant smile and to lead with my heart.
2) Shit happens.. Daily.. so deal with it and laugh!
3) Anyone can teach you anything! Listen with an open mind.
4) We all have weird quirks, so accept others.
5) We all have sensory issues. Lets face it, we are all a tad crazy! So respect boundaries.
From a young age we all learn that high fives are a universal sign of acceptance. They can be as gentle or fierce as the each person needs.

Rainbows – I suffered from postpartum depression when my girls were 9 & 5 years old (a time I lovingly now refer to as the crash of 2013). I had become a master at bottling the feelings for a
whole 9 years before it exploded in my face. Through years of self work, I have discovered my spirituality, my authentic self and hidden talents. Talents that allow me to inspire others. I decided to resign from my stable job as an EA to chase my dreams. (I have many) check me out – #justfortodayiamcreative .
During the dark years, rainbows became a sign of guidance for me, showing me that I am not alone in the universe. When I see a rainbow it reminds me that I am being guided on my path.

Pearl Jam – music is my life. I’ve secretly always wanted to be a roadie. In that same week that I resigned as an EA, I became the production manager for Miss Emily (listen – she’s a Canadian
gem). I am now a part of her travelling team, in search of my Eddie Vedder moment. Pearl Jam (like all favourite bands) speaks to my soul. The methodical sway of the music to the poetry of the wise, it heals me. “I know I was born, and I know that I’lll die, the in-between is Mine. I AM MINE.” These lyrics sum up how I feel about life and my time here on this planet.
That hyphen is my unwritten book to follow my dreams. The chapters that have been written are the lessons already learned. My biggest lesson is that change is scary but mandatory to reach
your full potential. Each time I have taken that leap, it has lead me on a path to something better and fulfilling.

I am here to inspire YOU to chase your dreams. If you don’t go after them? Who will?