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Grateful • Courage • Love

Her Story

Alicia Preston

Owner - Mindfulness Teacher/Consultant/Coach, Rainbow Kids Yoga Teacher, Mindful Roots

Alicia's Story :

I’ve carved my own path, this is my journey.

I am a Moon Mama of 2 and the founder of Mindful Roots. I am grateful for my children and the man that holds my heart; my husband.

I didn’t set out to be a Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher. Instead, I went to University and studied sociology, psychology and women’s studies. Following up with diplomas in the Developmental Services Worker Field and Autism and Behaviour Sciences. I have 13 years of experience working as an Educational Assistant and Instructor Therapist in a public school setting.

My turning point came after experiencing my own mental health challenges and holding space close friends, students, and family members that were also feeling this way.
These events lead me on an inward journey of self-healing. I learned to breathe through meditation, love again through mantras, and live a life of purpose and intention. These teachings inspired me to rise up with courage and start my own business as a Mindfulness & Yoga Teacher.

I’m so grateful to work with children, teens, educators, and all humans to help them embrace joy and build resilience through mindfulness. I’m on a mission to bring Yoga and mindfulness programming to school and youth groups. I wish I had the tools of self-care, mindfulness, and yoga when I was younger. This is why I am so passionate about bringing these mindful tools and gifts of intention to all individuals, encouraging them to find their inner stillness. I love teaching tools to help humans work towards self-regulation and a mindfulness practice that will have a significant impact on their mental health, confidence, emotional & social intelligence and self-love.

I love hiking, and being in the forest. Each sunrise and sunset inspires me and fills me with so much love and gratitude. I create Mala Jewelry with this energy, filled with intention, love, and light.

I treasure my time at home making Maple Syrup in the early Spring. I love going on adventures around the globe with my family and walks in the woods with my Goldendoodle.

I am grateful.