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Her Story

Laura Nugent

Co-Owner - Peterborough Yoga and Wellness Centre - Yoga Instructor

Laura's Story :

I was born in Peterborough Ontario but have lived and experienced many places and faces since. My dad worked for the government so every few years we moved, made
new friends, and came to understand a new city. Being raised like this worked well for me, I love to travel and I really love to travel solo (no need to fulfill anyone else’s expectations), I can easily meet new people and I’m content being on my own. Of course there were hard goodbyes and intimidating starts with moving but overall I’m happy with the lessons and character traits this childhood gave me.

I played competitive sport growing up at the high school, provincial, varsity and national level. Basketball and rugby were my two loves. Once I hit university I decided to play varsity rugby and initially started at Guelph university in arts and science with the thoughts of one day being an architect or teacher. Four months into this journey I wasn’t happy. My bubbly exterior faded into lots of questions and an overwhelming feeling that I was doing it all wrong. I really didn’t know what I wanted to do and I wasn’t happy with what I’d chosen. So I made the hard tear filled call to my parents that I wasn’t doing well and really didn’t like Guelph, the woman’s varsity team, or my program choice. Being the supportive and understanding parents they are my dad picked me up after my last exam and said we’d figure it all out.

So I decided I would do what I loved and figure out the details later. I worked in management at a sports store in Kingston Ontario (this was for money, not love but I learned a tremendous amount), applied to Queen’s University for an honours in Fine Art and connected with the varsity Queen’s rugby coaches. I restarted my first year university at Queen’s with a lot more clarity and confidence. By my forth year I was long listed to the Canadian national woman’s rugby team, this was a massive achievement for me and something I’d been working toward. The universe however had different
plans for me. I worked and trained so hard to get to that level in sport that my body had a dislocated rib, a compressed joint in my low back and eventually torn cartilage in my chest because the rib injury wouldn’t heal. At the age of 23 it hurt to get out of bed and all my hard work and dreams come true seemed to be slipping away.

One of my teammates suggested I try yoga. At first I laughed and rolled my eyes but gave it a go because every other activity hurt too much. In my very first class the instructor said, “Only go to the point your body will allow, not to the point of injury.” Light bulbs went off in my head! I could actually do something that helped my body feel good? So it took some time to admit but I let go of my opportunity to try out for the Canadian team, took a year off of varsity rugby and focused on healing.

Fast forward to today and I’ve been working in health and wellness for 10 years. Owning and operating a yoga studio for 9 and running a successful life coaching business for four years. There has still been a lot of ups and downs along the way, life has a way of putting us all on our own roller coaster. But, I know I’m on the right path. I have an energetic and loving toddler and another babe on the way. My husband also runs a wellness business in the Durham area so we eat sleep and breath this lifestyle. I’m honoured to teach so many people how to be their authentic self and also learn so
much from those who cross my path as I evolve as a woman, entrepreneur, wife, mother and influencer.