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Truth • Love • Faith-filled

Her Story

Kierstin Henrickson

Co-Owner Peterborough Yoga and Wellness Centre - Yoga Instructor

Kiersten's Story

Stepping into my first hot yoga class, was almost an accident, but clearly 20 years later, was far from it . It reconnected me to my body, my tension was released, and I felt like I had released a weight from my mind. Without yoga, I really don’t think I would be the person that I am, as it brings a sense of ease to me, gives me the patience to slow down, ground, and connect, and not punch people. The practice of yoga, and yoga off my mat, allows me to be ok being me, and not buy into the everything needs to be positive all the time to be inspiring, but also showing the raw depth of hurt, that all we humans experience as well. I get bored with small talk, I like to get right to the juicy real shit, what lifts you up, what has felt like it has made you crumble. This is truth for me.

Isn’t being real a liberating feeling? To cut to the real meat, or veggie meat as I prefer, my life has taken me on a journey, that I never could have predicted, and surely did not plan it all, yet today it
makes sense. My faith in the unscheduled events in life deepens, as these events form us in the grandest ways, if I had not been in that first yoga class, I would not be here, with all I have, and all I have lost, now. All the planning, and I end up here. Studying the Chakras has given me a great gift, one I share daily, in how I process life, and how I work with others. With my second yoga studio, a fabulous business partner, and life balance that I have been craving for a decade, Yoga is not just my job, it is my life. All the ideas of what my life should be at 44, for me it is right where it is meant to be. Accept that, I tell myself, and it sometimes works. It does not mean I don’t want more, or wonder at times why, but right now I work with what I have, and love fiercely.