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Joyful • Creative • Generous

Her Story

Adrienne Enns

Chief Joy Curator - May You Know Joy Inc.

Adrienne's Story :

I launched May You Know Joy Inc. in 2015. Prior to that, I spent 15+ years in the corporate world of media, advertising and marketing wearing pencil skirts and trying to reach and exceed
unrealistic goals and expectations. While successful by outward appearances, the anxiety of this, and many other seemingly insatiable demands in my life, led me to deal with it all in the best way I knew how – numb it all out with alcohol.

On the brink of complete self-destruction, I needed to turn my life around and, in doing so, I turned it completely on its head. The most important decision I ever made was to love myself again, to show up for myself from a place of integrity, to choose joy and create a life on purpose. So many things would have to fall away – coping mechanisms, patterns, belief systems, relationships and, most importantly, dreams and ideals that weren’t mine to begin with.

My transformation was not quick but, it was transformative and powerful. I had put so much energy into numbing and avoidance. Imagine what I could do if I put my energy into creating a life that I loved – one that felt fulfilling and full of joy. I just took small intentional steps every day cobbling together an intentional path and a network of people, places and things that supported me. In speaking to thousands of people, I know that we all have raw material – pain, trauma and hardship. It’s what we do with this raw material that makes the biggest difference. I believe that we need to choose to create a life of purpose and we the journey is much more enjoyable and enduring when we do it together.

I am incredibly grateful, for my life today. I love being an entrepreneur and creating beauty out of the rawness and pain of our human experience. I honour my tough lessons by providing others with the navigational tools to create meaningful change in their own lives. Best of all – I receive notes daily about how this work is impacting people in big and small ways. That is the true gift of this work.