- - 3 February 2019 -

Dreaming In The Colour of Popsicles

I was told at a very young age, based on a heaping pile of scientific observation, that dogs do not see colour.

Pish posh I thought.

No group of white lab coats was going to tell this young and precocious lover of dogs that my Best Friends Forever could not see the distinct triple nuances of my red, white and blue Rocket popsicle.  They had to be wrong.  I was a kid and I knew they were wrong.

Fast forward to today – breaking newsflash.  Dogs actually see in colour.

Precocious kid : 1      Scientists: 0

Sifting through the stories of our Inspire women, my eyes fall on a beautiful quote by an unknown author:

“I am my ancestor’s wildest dreams.”

Kemi Akapo uses this very quote to inspire herself onward and upward in those moments when her spirit is drained.  Originally from Nigeria, she had decidedly chosen a future for herself that was propelled by the faraway dreams of her ancestors.  Dream big even when the standard model says otherwise.  Nancy was a kid that was always-kinda-sorta in trouble.  Now reflecting on her life having reared two amazing children, she wonders how someone like her – someone that had so much to learn – actually raised these great kids.  Her inspiration came from a family friend – a spitfire of a woman who got her first set of orthodontic braces at the fresh age of 70 years old.  The lesson of this superfluous act of geriatric dentistry from a 70 year old senior citizen that none of us know ?  That it is never too late to change your perspective, change your direction, change your inevitable destiny, or change the point of view of others.  Ever.   It is never too late.

While the entire world was led to believe that dogs can only perceive the contrasts of black and white – the dogs, in actuality, were seeing their world in colour.   They saw my popsicle.

Regardless of what we thought.

In spite of what we thought.

Kemi and Nancy weren’t buying it either.  The world may have tried selling them on their black and white preordained journey, but these inspiring women were supercharged to flex their destinies.

They chose to dream in colour.

Inspiration : 1.     The Norm : 0