- - 4 November 2018 -

Defaults in Reading, Dancing and Faith

Voltaire may have shared some caustic wit that landed him in a Bastille jail cell, but the slices of commentary that have lived beyond his late 1700s death have earned him a spot here at my laptop in this new millennium.

“Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world”

Our time together here on this stage set in hyperspace, we women have the opportunity to read and dance in our stories, weave some webs, touch some hearts, nod our heads in a familial understanding.

It was Susan’s recount of her work table that brought Voltaire to mind. Susan the Obstetrician. Susan the Gynecologist – declaring ‘I am humbled by the faith women on my table put in me’.

Faith to Voltaire, consists in believing when it is beyond the power of reason to believe.

The faith people have in Janet, a local food producer wearing her humble smile at a farm stand – the faith in herself, because it is okay to be local and share the work of her labours. She didn’t have to leave home to save the whales, as she once thought. She could do great works from her hometown. The faith in Newfoundland humour that Paula the copywriter peers through, to keep light and perspective in her world. The faith that Shelby the Shop Girl has in herself and in other busy moms – by proclaiming her defiance of the status quo with an exclamation mark – pushing back at the old adage ‘you can have it all sistah’, by wearing her uncertainties on her shop girl sleeve. Sometimes she struggles with the load. Sometimes we all do.

Let’s work from the default that none of us feel worthy of praise for the things we do. Let’s also work from the default that there are people in our circle who have faith in us, even when we don’t in ourselves. Whether you are on this Inspire list or not, the default also stands that every participant and spectator equally has a story and a dance in them.