- - 28 April 2020 -

Bambi And The Women

lens refracted nature photo used for cover story for blog for canadian women portrait project inspire the womens portrait project by canadian photographer heather doughty photography

If anyone out there is questioning their own standardized level of ‘normal’ for living life, please be comforted in my personal account – all before 8 am.

I lost the battle for the only toilet in our old farmhouse – one toilet. One. A determined child with stage fright bladder procrastination and a long-winded desire to belt out Happy Birthday songs when it is absolutely nobody’s birthday, all performed from numbed out toilet legs – edged me off the porcelain, forcing me to pee outside in the wild. I squatted to pee in the back farmyard with an audience of deer.

I was uncomfortable.

They were uncomfortable.

They spoke amongst themselves about the absurdity of my first world problem of suffering with one toilet, then switched their discussion to the fundamentals of fight or flight. Deer know a thing or two about fight or flight. They tend to side predominantly with flight, what many of the human distinction tend to class as a character flaw. Run away. Hide. Retreat. We view it as a character flaw in other humans. Weakness. Coward. Deserter. Chicken. Fraidy-cat.

But what gets forgotten is the importance of retreat. The importance of reflection. That breath of composure that illuminates our next steps. Our women on this Inspire forum know the importance of retreat – the fundamental tool to recharge, rebirth and re-ignite passion to move forward. We need those moments of reflection to build the blocks of our forward thinking. We need those moments to allow our minds to run blindly into the direction of our passion – ungirded by those predators of
restriction and limits.

The deer always come back.

So do inspirational women.

We get busy, we get distracted, we get off task, we lose touch, we get quiet. It’s allowed. We sometimes lose battles. We sometimes conquer battles. We sometimes run from battles. That’s allowed. We sometimes stay, we sometimes leave, we sometimes return. From the stories of these women – the young ones, the old ones, the betwixt and between – you will witness their moments of battle, of retreat, of return, of conquering, of losing and the rise back above and beyond defeat.

The deer always come back to the field that once frightened them.

So do inspirational women.

This life lesson genuinely and sincerely brought to you by Peeing In The Wild.