Dr.  Susan Pakenham   MD  F.R.C.S. 

      Obstetrician  –  Gynecologist

      Susan’s  Words :     Smart          Conscientious       Caring

      Susan’s  Story :

      “What made you choose Ob Gyn as a specialty?”

      I knew that I wanted to be a physician in grade school but as I progressed further through my training I was drawn specifically to the field of women’s health.

      I enjoy my clinical office practice – I like talking to women about their most personal concerns – their pain, their embarrassment, their fear – and working with them to find a solution.

      I like that there is often more than one answer to a problem; so that if A doesn’t work, we can try B or C.

      I enjoy the challenge and intricacies of surgery – I am humbled by the faith women on my table put in me.

      Being an obstetrician means celebrating new life every day – it is common and it is intrinsically gratifying.

      Being an obstetrician also means mourning life lost – it is rare and affects me profoundly.

      As proud as I am of the work that I do, it is not my whole identity.

      Like many, I am a wife, mother, daughter, niece and friend and I feel unfailingly loved in all of these roles.

      I am recharged in the presence of those who inspire me, by a nice glass of wine and a beautiful sunset, by the encouragement of my husband and the laughter of my children, to be human and to give the best care that I am capable of.