Sneha Wadhwani 

      Interdisciplinary Arts and Science program – McMaster University

      Sneha’s   Words :    Effervescent          Creative        Compassionate 

      Sneha’s  Story :

      My story begins in a small town in central India.

      By some stroke of magic, my parents decided to sacrifice everything they knew, so that my sister and I could know better things.

      My story rests in the hearts of those I have been able to touch.

      Whether on a stage reciting poetry, sharing ideas in a classroom, or volunteering in the community, each time I share a piece of myself, I receive a piece of the world and more knowledge about my place in it. I am always discovering.

      I have discovered that education means endless open doors, through my awe-inspiring teachers at Kenner.

      I have discovered that beautiful things happen when a community comes together.

      We can lift the voices of the marginalized, express and celebrate our identities through art, nurture our relationship with nature, find what inspires us and follow it.

      I will be following what inspires me at McMaster University this fall through the interdisciplinary Arts and Science program, and pursuing a career in international medicine thereafter.

      I am forever grateful for the contributions of Peterborough to my story, to every beautiful soul in this hidden treasure small town that is making their own discoveries.