Lola  Keating

      Owner – Founder :    Puppy Paws Pet Care

      Big Sister   –   Red Dragon  –  Library Helper

      Competitive Equestrian Vaulting  –  Future Veterinarian 

      Lola’s  Words :      Strong        Kind       Philanthropic

      Lola’s  Story :

      My name is Lola Keating,

      I am twelve years old.

      I go to Chemong Public school and I am going into my grade seven year.

      At my school I am a Red Dragon that means I help out younger grades on the school yard.

      I also am a library helper so I help put away books and I also help out in our community garden.

      I am the eldest sibling of three brothers which can be challenging!

      A lot of crazy boy energy in our house.

      I have my own Pet care business called Puppy Paws 🐾

      I walk and care for dogs in my neighbourhood.

      In May my friend Abby Carpenter and I held a fundraiser for LAWS we raised $1000 as well as pet care supplies.

      As you can tell I Love ❤ animals and I hope to become a vet in the future.

      I plan to have my own farm with lots of animals.

      I love horses very much and have been riding for four years. I also do something called vaulting which is like gymnastics on a horse. It is really fun!

      You need to be graceful and strong at the same time!   I recently competed in my first vaulting competition and I placed very well.

      I do vaulting and riding at Hoofprint Farm in Omemee it is my happy place😍

      When I become a vet I would like to have a place like LAWS. and provide services to animals small and large.

      Thank you!